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The End of the World Writing Party

On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar came to an end marking the end of all human existence. Well… not really, but that was certainly the idea, wasn’t it? There were more than a few folks who honestly thought things would come to an epic conclusion when the Mayan tablet reached its final carvings, though I was never entirely sure if it was going to be at midnight in Central America somewhere or 4:42 Greenwich time, or when the pigs take flight at 8/7 Central. It was a bit fuzzy on some of the finer apocalyptic points. One thing was certain though, it was a great topic of discussion, especially among the more creative types. The idea of what would happen, what would be the means of our destruction, how people would survive, if people would survive, or if anything would happen at all, was an exercise in creativity. Friends shared their scenarios and plans over coffee and beer. That one friend even mapped out his zombie escape route and bought a shotgun for protection. More and more apocalyptic films and books began to appear the closer we came to our “end”. Everyone seemed to have a great idea about how it would all happen, and thus, an idea struck: Why not collect an anthology of all these would be doomsday tales? The End of the World Writing Party came to be with this announcement on facebook: FRIENDS! WRITERS! IDEA-MEN! Put your creative energies into one "final" work before the robot uprising/zombie outbreak/alien attack/rapture. With the end of the world drawing near, I've been looking back at my favorite movies, books, comics, and cartoons, and this has got me in the mood to do some writing. So, I am inviting YOU, my fellow storytellers, to participate in the End of the World Writing Party! Here's the deal: In whatever style is your forte, write a story about the end of the world. A short prose, a short screenplay, a song, poem, or cartoon - ANYTHING goes! We'll collect them all here, and… I'll collect them into an anthology that will be made available to download for FREE! Thus, we will have a record of the final days of mankind, as well as a loose idea of what we all thought was going to be our undoing (or at least I favorite scenario). So, there you have it folks! Start writing! The last day to SUBMIT will be the Apocalypse itself, December, 21. Get your stories in by then, and HAVE FUN! Over the next couple of weeks, the storytellers you’ll find in this collection participated in this writing challenge, and, as promised, I have collected all the tales here for your enjoyment. It was very exciting to not only read and experience the imaginative ways mankind would experience the end of days, but it was wonderful to see those who participated. Many call themselves writers, but many do not actually write. This may have been the very last chance to spin a yarn, and these are the scribes and merrymakers who were compelled to offer one final story before going quietly and/or loudly into every after. What is collected here are stories from a variety of bards – dark and miserable tales, thoughtful and loving journeys, mature notions of the last flickers of mankind. I am honored to know so many talented and dedicated writers, and I hope as you read these stories, that you too are inspired to dust off your typewriters and put your dreams into words and to share your stories with the world, for who can truly know what time is left? So now, without further ado, sit back, kick up your feet, pour yourself a cold beverage, and please enjoy the End of the World. -- T.C. De Witt Click RIGHT HERE to head over to the FREE ebook. C'mon! Do it now! Before the World really does end!

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