In December 2008, I self published my first piece of fiction. Since then, I have published several other works including a collection of my cartoons. You can find these for purchase or to read selections from each at and the Amazon marketplace.

Marvel Rebooted - Iron Man #1

Randy Lander presents: Marvel Rebooted - Iron Man #1 by T.C. De Witt. Marvel Rebooted is a fan fiction universe that reinvents the classic Marvel comics. Characters you know, but not as you know them. Perfect for fans as well as those who've never given the superhero world a chance. See what this collection of writers from all over the States does with your favorite heroes and villains. Experience a whole new Tony Stark as envisioned by yours truly. No need to know the decades of back story. This is a brand new beginning. Follow THIS LINK to read my first issue of Iron Man. And take a look around the site to find many other first issues. I recommend Strange Tales and take a look at Agents of Shield, and definitely check out the Hulk. This idea of a fan fiction site is certainly not a new one, but Marvel Rebooted is being taken very seriously by the mad genius Randy Lander, owner and proprietor of Rogues Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock, Texas. It was conceived as a fun little project, but it has exploded into a very professional endeavor for all the writers and editors involved. If you're a fan of comics, short fiction, or superheroes in general, take some time out of your day to visit the site and read some issues. Enjoy!

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